Montgomery County is situated in west focal Arkansas settled in the Ouachita National Forest. The mountains, streams and Lake Ouachita give various chances to angling, climbing, kayaking, outdoors and chasing. Montgomery County is an incredible spot to live just as a goal for vacationers.

Serving a region of around 800 square miles, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is liable for essential law implementation administrations of Montgomery County. Montgomery County Sheriff's Office likewise works helpfully with other region law authorization offices including Arkansas State Police Department, Arkansas Game and Fish, Arkansas Forestry Commission, U.S. Woods Service, and Corp of Engineers to give some examples.

We perceive that no law authorization office can work at its most extreme potential without the help of the residents it serves.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is here to serve you.

The Chief Deputy oversees all of Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Staff. The current Chief Deputy has been on the force for the past decade.

The Chief Deputy works legitimately under the County Sheriff and regulates the day by day tasks of the Sheriff's Office, that also contains

  • Administration Division

  • Criminal Investigation Division

  • Patrol Division

  • Support Services Division

  • Detention Division

The obligations and duties of the Chief Deputy are numerous and differed. One of the principle duties the Chief Deputy is responsible for is organizing the exercises of the different segments of the Sheriff's Office. The undertaking is basic since it guarantees that all work and activities will be completed by Sheriff's Office staff member in a way that will exceed all purposes, objectives and destinations set up by the Sheriff.

The Chief Deputy additionally works intimately with the Administrative Assistant. The Administrative Assistant has in the Sheriff's Office for over a decade now. The Administrative Assistant facilitates all money related along with administrative file keeping for the Sheriff's Department. Administrative Assistant likewise deals with the record’s payable procedures, District Court Bond and Fine Account, Circuit Court Bond and Fine Account, Fee Account, and Radio Account. Administrative Assistant is liable for the dispensing of compensation installments to wrongdoing exploited people and makes month to month repayments with the Circuit and District Clerks and County Treasurer for all cash got.

Montgomery County Jail

The Montgomery County Jail is in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. The Montgomery County Jail is otherwise called the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. The Montgomery County Jail is worked and oversaw by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

The program won't show any detainees who were beforehand in the office. This list is refreshed routinely. This present detainee program will show prisoners who are right now in guardianship of the Montgomery County Jail.

The Montgomery County Jail gets new detainees to the prison day by day. Detainees are discharged when they post bail, set under probation, or all alone recognizance. The office will experience about 4,300 detainees consistently. While new detainees are coming in, there are prisoners leaving also. As of 2019, there is no public inmate list. But you can always view the Arkansas Sex Offender Database here.

There is no smoking on the prison jail site. The Montgomery County Jail is a medium-security office that can hold up to 78 prisoners at some random time. The office just houses both grown-up male and grown-up female detainees.

The Montgomery County Jail keeps up a harmony between having a sheltered and secure condition while additionally ensuring the open network and the staff.

The Montgomery County Jail and Detention Center is a medium-security office. This office will house grown-up male and grown-up female detainees. Adolescents are housed in an alternate office in the area. This office doesn't house any adolescents.